We’re happy to announce the official launch of the ‘Verdi & Bella’ Children’s Book by Liz Kueneke and Miroesja Peeperkoorn. We invite to join us on this special event on Sunday 14 July from 2pm at Fred’s Finca. With a swimming pool, a kids play area, and a delicious lunch menu with BBQ options, it will make a great family day for both kids and parents. We hope to see you there.

Verdi & Bella is an adventure children’s book, for ages approximately 6-9 years old, which aims to teach children to care of the environment. The main characters, named Verdi and Bella, work together with many animal friends to save Mother Nature, a tortoise, from the evil grips of the Megamonster, which was formed when the Plastic Monster, Pollution Monster and Oil Monster combined.

The story takes place on the island of Ibiza and features many animals who live on the island, but the story is aimed at children all over the world, as the threat of these “monsters” is everywhere. The children beat the Megamonster in the end by cleaning up the trash from the beach and recycling it, which makes the monster smaller and less powerful. In the end of the book, there are some blank pages where the children reading the book are encouraged to draw inventions or write ideas that can also be used to “keep the monster small”. They are invited to send these ideas in to the email address of the La Bella Verde Foundation who will collect the ideas.

Miroesja is an author who has published one novel, and together with Liz they have also published another children’s book in 2017. Liz is an artist who has exhibited internationally for the past 20 years. They both live and work in Ibiza.

The mission of La Bella Verde Fundación: “We raise funds to support local, sustainable projects, as well as actively starting new ones ourselves. Through education we hope to inspire future generations and raise awareness of the current threats to our seas and oceans. We believe in the power of change to create a conscious global community, one step at the time.”

* This is a plastic free book, printed in Ibiza on recycled paper. The story is written in: English, Spanish and Dutch *

verdi and bella kids book