Tell us where you’re from and what brought you to Ibiza?

I’m from Holland. Six years ago my love had the great idea to move to Ibiza. At first I was a little bit like: ‘No way, I love Amsterdam too much!’ But then things unfolded in the direction where I was like: ‘Yes! Let’s do this.’ Let’s live in the sun and learn Spanish. We bought a camper van for all our stuff and drove off to a brand new chapter.

You’ve recently come on board La Bella Verde to support the expansion of sustainable boating on a global scale. Can you tell us a bit more about your role?

La Belle Verde was already a little part of my life before I came aboard. I’d been to a couple of boat shows and was getting involved because the project is genuinely inspiring. So when the founders of LBV asked me to do the sales, I didn’t need to think for long. My role is to sell our newest model, the solar powered electric catamaran so I’m a core part of the global expansion of the company. Working in the LBV Boat Sales team you have to know the boat specifications and features inside out. I am talking to people from all over the world, and the concept is received with loads of positivity and interest. Green boating is the future and I am so happy to be able to play a role in this.

What is your favourite thing about the La Bella Verde Boats?

I actually have 3 favourite things about the boats: the autonomy, zero emissions and very low maintenance. These things make it such an attractive boat for everyone that cares about our oceans and also have a business mindset.

What is your favourite thing about being part of the LBV team?

I like to be part of the young LBV team because it means working in an innovative and fun environment with passionate people.

Apart from being part of the Ibiza based LBV team you are also working on a few different projects. Could you share what else are you’re up to with us?

Yes, I also write a wide range of articles for blogs and magazines, novels and kids’ books. My second kids’ book is now out with illustrations from my artist friend Liz. We created it in collaboration with the La Belle Verde Foundation. They have the goal to inspire kids and encourage them to be involved in all kinds of green activities. Our book shows kids how to be active in taking care of our environment.

Aside from writing I do modelling. Also in Ibiza, all kinds of different cool projects have come my way, it’s part of the magic of the island. I’ve had quite a few amazing experiences from being a wedding official to a casting director.

Ibiza is a really unique and special place. What would you recommend to those new to the island that would love to make a difference locally and globally?

To make a difference to the island I have a few simple recommendations: ban single use plastics as much as you can, don’t leave trash anywhere other than in the bin, carpool as much as you can and of course: if you would like to enjoy a boat trip, choose LBV. The environment is being protected while you’re having an amazing time on the water.