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LBV foundation focusses on education and conservation of marine environments, starting with the seas we sail in.

Check out our LBV Merchandise made from green materials, available for sale on board with all profits going directly to the LBV foundation.

Through this platform we will raise funds to support local, sustainable projects as well as actively starting new ones. Our goal is to educate and inspire future generations and raise awareness of the problems faced by our seas and oceans.


We donate 1% of every eco charter to the foundation, so come sail with us and spread the word.

Support and attend local events to learn about available solutions, current projects & directly help them to be executed.

We will have various merchandise, focusing on using green materials, for sale on board and all profits will go directly to the LBV foundation.

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We are excited to launch a series of events this year to include beach clean ups, educational days and music events to support the local community and build on the awareness of conservation in Ibiza.
Stay tuned!

How to Volunteer

Come to the LBV Clubhouse and become a member - we will keep you up to date with beach clean-ups and other events we organise.

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