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La Bella Verde Win Barcelona Boat Show Award

We are delighted to announce that La Bella Verde has won the 2019 Nautic Tech Award for BEST START-UP at the “Salon Nautico” International Boat […]

Celebrating Zero Emission Day With 5 Tips To Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

This 21 September we’re celebrating Zero Emission Day. The initiative sparked more than 20 years ago is now a global campaign that continuously encourages people […]

First Solar Powered Plastic Cleaning Boat Launches in Ibiza – Interview with Ed en Joke Pronk from iBi Foundation

iBi Free Life & iBi Foundation have ordered the first ever solar powered La Bella Verde catamaran, with an ocean clean up system that will […]

Meet The Green Team: Interview With Miroesja

Tell us where you’re from and what brought you to Ibiza? I’m from Holland. Six years ago my love had the great idea to move […]

‘Verdi & Bella’ Children’s Book Launch at Fred’s Finca

We’re happy to announce the official launch of the ‘Verdi & Bella’ Children’s Book by Liz Kueneke and Miroesja Peeperkoorn. We invite to join us […]

5 Iconic Locations to Enjoy The Ibiza Sunset

The sunsets in Ibiza are truly magical and a spectacle to be seen. This has become synonymous with the island’s image and represented as part […]

Meet Our First Female Captain Ido

Our first female captain shares her story on becoming a part of the green boating movement, her passion for sailing and tips on how to experience […]

La Bella Verde Co-Founder & Boat Captain Alistair LBV Speaks Out

Raised with adventure in his abundant character, Alistair moved to Ibiza to align his love of nature and people. The Balearic base soon became the […]

Health Benefits Of Swimming In The Sea

Have you ever wondered why people are often connected to the sea and there is a seemingly instant attraction to dive deep into water? Well […]

Meet The LBV Team: Interview With Charlie Taverner

We interviewed Charlie Taverner, one of the co-founders of La Bella Verde, to find out about how he became a part of the eco-sailing family, his […]