The sunsets in Ibiza are truly magical and a spectacle to be seen. This has become synonymous with the island’s image and represented as part of its Balearic identity, openly celebrating the end of each day and abundant memories created, before the introduction into the evening events that have welcomed its global visitors. This is the pinnacle time to feel the freedom and energy that surrounds the Spanish island, highlighted in ‘Sunset Sessions’ made famous by Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo on the notorious sunset strip. The view of the orange sun slipping behind the surface of the sea gathers crowds of visitors and island residents to enjoy this breathtaking view on a daily basis, similar to a pilgrimage that leaves a lifelong impact.

We love to share our beautiful island and showcase it’s many scenic spots, known and unknown by the masses to watch the sun coming down. For us it has become part of our daily tours which creates a lasting smile (and well timed photograph) from all of our charter guests. From either a boat (La Bella Verde) or land here are some iconic locations to find a postcard styled moment to share with your loved ones or restore your own personal belief in the beauty that nature has to offer.

Cala Benirras

Cala Benirras is a small but beautiful cove located in the north part of the island near San Miguel. The crystal clear sea waters surrounded by cliffs on either side, makes a perfect and picturesque view that attracts multitudes of visitors through the summer. In this bohemian part of Ibiza the sunset is uniquely different than anywhere else on the island. On Sundays, you have the opportunity to enjoy this magical moment accompanied by legions of drummers living out their musical ritual. The hippie vibe instantly encourages everyone to dance and collectively celebrate, making it a very special cultural experience indeed.

Es Vedra

Es Vedra, one of the most intriguing places in Ibiza, shrouded in mystery and legend alike, is another outstanding  viewpoint that enhances the island sunset. This mystical, uninhabited island located on the western coast is a never ending resource of myth and rumour. It is frequently touted as the tip of Atlantis and also believed to be the third most magnetic place on the planet (outside of the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle). Noted as one of the most iconic symbols of Ibiza, the platforms and lookouts will instantly engage your energy, and desire to know more once you witness the magical rays of the sunset surrounding this small but defined outcrop.

Hostal La Torre

Hostal la Torre is situated high on the cliff outside of San Antonio in a peaceful countryside location. This place is simply stunning and ideal for those who are seeking a quiet spot away from the hustle and bustle of the Ibiza mainstream. The restaurant area extends their chairs and tables across the rocks making it an ultimate setting for a romantic dinner or casual drink with friends. With specialist DJ sessions and boutique food and cocktail menu on offer, this is definitely the place to see the day out in our humble opinion.

San Antonio Strip

Sunset Strip is a famous coastline promenade that stretches from San Antonio harbour to Cala d’es Moro. With an abundance of bars and restaurants, the area is bustling with life from late afternoon and well into the night. At the end of the Strip, you will find two of the most famous cafes on the island, Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo where you can watch the sun setting accompanied by music from a selection of  world-class DJs whilst enjoying cocktails. Sunset Strip is considered a launchpad location to start each night for tourists in the most memorable way. It can be an experience in itself with a mix of locals, tourists taking on a pre-party position, but always worth seeing for any newcomers to Ibiza as the sunset from here is definitely something special indeed.

La Bella Verde

Have you ever watched the sunset from a boat, whilst cruising the open sea? It brings a whole new perspective to this impressive moment. From here you are one with nature and experiencing the elements first hand. At La Bella Verde, our goal is to help create an experience that is second to none. Book a trip on one of our solar-powered eco catamarans and let us take you out on a day-long adventure finishing with the most magnificent sunsets you will ever see. Email info@labellaverde.org to reserve your trip with us this Summer.