30 FACTS ABOUT IBIZA - La Bella Verde

To start off with, here’s one that will shock most of the population. For years, we’ve known the island as Ibiza, well in fact it’s correctly pronounced as ‘Evisaa’.

Although it is famously known for its party scene, the island is acknowledged and celebrated as a World Heritage Site for its architecture, coastline and exotic sea life.

Moving to the island may sound appealing, but before you start your wishlist, it’s good to know that Ibiza is the second most expensive area in Spain to buy your very own holiday home.

Prior to the change in regulations, currently meaning clubs must close before 6am, it was possible for partygoers to enjoy the nightlife for a whole 22 hours a day, nonstop.

When experiencing the Ibizan nightlife, DJ sets are centre stage. Some iconic artists can be paid up to £50,000 per performance, even including one who was knowingly playing from a pre-recorded set.

Each year, the island attracts on average 6 million tourists, yet the local population is only 150,000 people.

If you’re heading to Ibiza for the party scene, you should make the most of the Disco bus for getting around the island. Not many people know this, but the disco bus will take you from one end of the Island to another and drop you off outside your club of choice for 3euro, along with a free party to get you in the mood.

The first ever club to open in Ibiza was Pacha in 1973, which is still going to this date.

We already know that millions of tourists visit the island a year, but did you know that over 120 cruise ships stop off at Ibiza? It’s definitely one for the bucket list, even if only for a fleeting visit.

In 2007, the local government made some changes and declared that all new hotels on the Island must be a 5* standard or above to cater to their prestigious clientele.

Visiting one of the local superclubs sounds like most visitor’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a more luxury experience, a vip table can set you back for as much as 6,000 euro. For most that’s the cost of a full holiday.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the famous DJ Carl Cox? When he first stepped onto the Ibizan scene he slept in the back of his car. Fast forward to today, he is now worth millions and has been running his own iconic club night on the island for the last 16 years.

Although it’s a very popular place full of things to do, Ibiza is a small island. It’s actually 1/6 of the size of its neighbouring island, Majorca.

Even though the islands known to be small, it has 57 beaches. From rocky coves to strips of golden sand, the island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches ideal for any type of holidaymaker.

Out of the 57 beaches on the island, there’s 5 naturist beaches ideal for those who prefer to hang up their swimsuits. So, if that’s you, Ibiza’s got you covered.

For those beach days, you’ll of course want the sun to be out. On average, the sun is out for 10 hours a day, 300 days a year. Perfect for a winter break.

Ibiza is home to the most expensive restaurant in the world. Located in The Hard Rock Hotel, Sublimotion offers a private 3 hour fully immersive, visually pleasing meal worth 1,500 euro a head.

Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel also set history for the island and chain by being the first Hard Rock venue to be located on a beachfront setting in Europe.

The world’s biggest nightclub is actually situated in Ibiza, known as Privilege Ibiza. It holds 11,000 partygoers and even has the attraction of its own swimming pool. No wonder Ibiza is known as the party capital.

One of the islands main claims to fame is that Club Tropicana, a famous hit by Wham was filmed at one of Ibiza’s most iconic hotels, Pike’s hotel.

Now this is one that the UK population will find unbelievable. David Cameron is a regular visitor to the island and loves to celebrate and host his own parties there.

The famous singer James Blunt owns a villa on the island and regularly visits. Once he held a wedding on the beach but got into trouble as he failed to get permission to do so.

Before booking your visit, save up a good spends budget as a bottle of water alone in the clubbing scene can set you back on average a whopping 15 euro.

Speaking of budgets, the most expensive time to travel from airports in the North West of England to Ibiza is strangely out of peak season in December.

Each year, Ibiza’s airport handles more than 57,000 global flights.

Villas are a popular option with tourists when visiting Ibiza. They vary in quality and can set you back anything from £72 a night to £50,000 a week. Which one would you choose?

Although the islands known for its nightlife, Ibiza also boasts many relaxation areas, such as health and yoga retreats. Sounds like the perfect balance for a summer getaway.

Unsurprisingly, tourism is the main industry of Ibiza. 75% of the local population get their income from the millions of tourists that visit each year.

Did you know that the main language spoken on the island isn’t Spanish? Ibiza, along with its neighbouring islands of Formentera and S’espalmador have their own language, Evissenc.

Have you ever wondered why the soil has an orange hint in Ibiza? This is down to the pine needles of the pine trees that grow across the island. When their pine needles fall, the tannin within soaks into the soil, giving it that orange colour.

Although a lot of these facts are common knowledge, there are some interesting ones that I’m sure most visitors wouldn’t have heard of, so I’m sure this blog will be useful If you’re looking to boost your knowledge. But If I was you, I’d definitely recommend taking a trip and experiencing the wonderful island for yourself.