15. 10. 2019sunita@everydayagency.co.uk

We are delighted to announce that La Bella Verde has won the 2019 Nautic Tech Award for BEST START-UP at the “Salon Nautico” International Boat Show in Barcelona! Showcasing the “iBi” model, which was built for environmental organisation iBi Foundation and launched in the Balearic Islands earlier this year, the La Bella Verde team was awarded with the accolade for the “Cleaning Our Oceans” project. Dubbed the Mediterranean’s first “Ocean Plastic Clean Up Boat”, the solar-powered “iBi” catamaran and its unique plastic collection system secured our boat designers the coveted trophy at the second edition of the Nautic Tech Professional Investment Forum organised by Seed & Click, which was part of the many events and activities that formed this year’s “Salon Nautico”.

Over the course of five days, the 2019 Barcelona International Boat Show held its most environmentally focussed edition yet. Organised by Fira de Barcelona in partnership with Spanish marine industry association ANEN, this year’s event shone a light on sustainability, innovation and networking – consolidating it as the largest commercial platform for recreational boating in Spain, and one of the most important in Europe. Solar power, electric and hybrid boats, swimsuits made from recycled plastic collected from the sea and many more forward-thinking initiatives were showcased in a bid to bring an end to marine pollution.

“The activity carried out over these five days shows that the reactivation of the marine industry is real,” said show president Luis Conde. “The Barcelona Boat Show sets the course that the sector must follow towards sustainability and innovation, focused on caring for and respecting our seas and oceans even more.”

Around 290 exhibitors and more than 700 boats (including 180 on water) were displayed across a 26,000sqm area, making it one of the biggest shows of recent years. The presence of 23 catamarans, 20 sailing boats and 15 boats nominated for the prestigious European Yacht of the Year award (eight in the sailing boat category and seven in the motorboat category) was another great attraction. Show director Jordi Freixas thanked all participants for their support.

“They have presented outstanding new releases and seen a great deal of business activity, which has resulted in an increase in sales,” he said. Freixas also welcomed the large number of attendees, both professionals and the general public, who filled the Port Vell venue. Around 57,000 visitors attended the show, with the largest contingents coming from France, Russia, Italy and the UK.

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