13. 9. 2019sunita@everydayagency.co.uk

This 21 September we’re celebrating Zero Emission Day. The initiative sparked more than 20 years ago is now a global campaign that continuously encourages people from every corner of the globe to take a break from using fossil fuels. We believe everyone can reduce their environmental impact to benefit our planet. Follow our 5 recommendations to minimise your carbon footprint from today and onwards.

1. Drive Less, Fly Less

Leave your car at home. Walk, cycle or choose public transport whenever you can. Also consider the environmental impact of flying – the aviation industry is now producing 3% of the global CO2 emissions and growing. Simply choose to fly less.

2. Choose Local Produce

Imagine the journey that produce from a distant country has to take – by truck, plane or ship. The food must stay cooled, so it doesn’t spoil. Whenever possible choose local, seasonal produce to minimise the carbon footprint related with transportation.

3. Unplug Your Devices

Electronic devices use electricity even when they’re ‘only’ plugged in. So even though your device isn’t charging or is in stand-by mode, you’re still contributing to the carbon footprint. Solution? Unplug your electronics when not used.

4. Make Conscious Shopping Choices

When shopping, avoid mass-produced items and choose lasting products instead. Remember anything made overseas has a massive environmental impact due to the shipping. Aim to buy locally made, quality items that last, and also re-use and re-purpose things.

5. Switch To Solar Power

Reduce your carbon footprint whilst choosing a sustainable source. Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun. Consider getting an electric vehicle, set up solar panels on your property or switch your boat to solar powered (we can help with that).

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