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Our first female captain shares her story on becoming a part of the green boating movement, her passion for sailing and tips on how to experience Ibiza from the eco-perspective.

Can you tell us where are you from and what brought you to Ibiza?

I’m from Murcia, South East Spain. I came here 4 years ago to work for a friend in his sailing boat in Salinas.

How did you become a part of the La Bella Verde and what was your motivation to join the green team?

Last season I was looking for a permanent job in a charter company in Ibiza. I had a few interviews and I almost joined smart charter but somebody told me that La Bella Verde were hiring captains. I knew them since my first day in Ibiza, as a marine biologist and sailor, I always thought that what they were doing was very cool. Just the perfect combination between business and marine conservation.

As the only female captain in La Bella Verde we’d love to hear your perspective on sailing in the Balearic waters?

The Balearic waters are one of the most beautiful waters in the whole Mediterranean Sea. And it’s great to work here because you can go sailing mostly every day in the summer and if the bad weather comes, you can be in a protected spot in less than an hour. That is one of the reasons why charter companies are so successful here.

Can you tell us what is the best part and most challenging part of your job?

The best part for me is to join a project that I really believe in. The possibility to combine my two careers in the same job makes me really happy. The next great moment is seeing how so many clients enjoy the experience, they tell me it’s one of the best days of their lives.  That makes me happy too 🙂

The challenging part is to be a woman working in a man’s world in Spain. After 4 seasons here many people know me and everybody has seen my hard work and how the LBV team treat me as one of them, an equal, like a sister. But getting my break on the island wasn’t easy. So many times I heard how some men think that you are not able to do the difficult things sailing requires. Often they are just not used to seeing women in certain roles on boats. Thankfully the scene is changing, step by step, day by day we see more and more women being captains and taking on important roles in Spanish sailing.

LBV solar-powered fleet is 7 boats strong and growing. Can you tell us which one is your favourite vessel to navigate and why?

I think we all love “La Bella Verde”, it’s the first one to be built and is now a little bit old fashioned. It is, as we say in Spanish “el buque insignia”  or our flagship and for this reason is my favorite one. The truth is that the Dragon Fly has systems that makes the boat more efficient for sailing. I haven’t tried the new boat yet, let’s see if I will change my mind!

Sustainable tourism is becoming a trend both on the island and globally. Many of the visitors are searching for ways to discover Ibiza without harming its unique ecosystem. What places and activities would you recommend to someone who is keen to experience the island from the eco-perspective?

– Try as much as you can to eat and consume food that’s locally sourced.

– Avoid powerboats to go to Formentera, sailing doesn’t pollute the ocean, is peaceful passage and is quiet. Not so fast but you are on holiday. Enjoy the nature!

– Go for a hike to see Es Vedra and Sa Pedrera (Atlantis).

– Rent a bike and explore the caminos and pine forests inland

– Go for a walk around the majestic Portinax Lighthouse

– Visit San Jordi market for secondhand bargains on Saturdays

Can you tell us what your dream day on the island looks like?

My dream day on the island is to eat an amazing Spanish breakfast with a few friends to get energy to go sailing to a hidden beach do some snorkeling, play some music (I have amazing musician friends), take a healthy picnic and enjoy sailing until sunset. After that, a nice dinner and some more music, hierbas and a good, deep sleep. 🙂 


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