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We interviewed Charlie Taverner, one of the co-founders of La Bella Verde, to find out about how he became a part of the eco-sailing family, his role in the LBV and exciting plans.

Can you tell us where are you from and what brought you to Ibiza?

Originally, I was born in London but I grew up in Brighton, UK. I have been coming to the island since I was a young teen as my father had a place here. Then, I had an opportunity to move here and run a club night called Together at Amnesia in 2011.

What is your role in La Bella Verde? 

I am one of the co-founders of La Bella Verde, I was also the original investor. I am now tackling business outreach across the world as we look to take the LBV brand global.

Charlie (in the middle) with Alister (left) and Marteen (right)

You are the pioneers of the eco sailing on a global scale. Where did the idea of launching solar catamarans business come from? 

My 2 co-founders were sailing the original boat before we converted it to solar and electric. We became friends over the years, after a chance meeting with Ali on a Mountain Top Festival in Bulgaria. We were all sat around a dinner table catching up, and they mentioned the idea of turning the boat solar, seeing the potential, and it sparking my marine biology roots, as well as having some savings, I jumped at the opportunity and La Bella Verde was born.

One of your main priorities is sustainability. Are there any other environment-focused actions you are involved in as a business?

This year we have set up La Bella Verde foundation. It is our charitable arm that will be raising funds to dramatically change the face of salinas (our home). We aim to do this by consulting with the various other amazing initiatives on the Island such as Plastic Free Ibiza, Ibiza Preservation Fund and many others to specifically focus on the reduction of single-use plastics, the improvement of recycling, especially in the local businesses of the Salinas UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will also be doing outreach to schools to provide some education in sustainability and renewables, and organising beach clean ups through the year.



La Bella Verde is growing really quickly. Can you tell us a bit more about your plans for the future?

To simplify it, we want to play a major role in the change from the gas-guzzling, polluting boats to eco-boating across the world. As we set up new sites all over Europe and beyond we want to be constantly adapting and encompassing as many different types of boats as possible, this will be even more possible as battery technology and solar cell technology carry on improving.

What does your dream day on Ibiza look like?

A slow morning with coffee on my terrace, followed by a swim in the sea, head down to the boats with some friends, disconnect from all the happenings of the world to connect back with nature and enjoy a beautiful day on the solar cats. Now the winter is coming, it really is a constant dream of being out on the boats on the dreamy Mediterranean.

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