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If you’re visiting Ibiza then you will want to get a real taste of the boutique drinks the island has to offer. Although a small island, Ibiza brews it’s own beer and also has many vineyards that create boutique organic wine on the island. At La Bella Verde we only use local brands on our boat trips, here’s a selection of some of our favourites.

Ibosim Craft Beer

Ibosim is named after the Punic name of Ibiza, “Island of Bes” and referring to a guardian God which is a fitting name for the islands independent Craft Beer. Óscar Enguita and Carlos Guerrero are both co-founders of Ibosim beer and bar which is astoundingly the only brewery based in Ibiza – Ibosim BrewHouse. They produce a range of beverages filled with island-led flavours and noting natural herbs like rosemary and carob as some of their many influences. The beer is made with natural ingredients only, unfiltered, unpasteurised and thankfully without additives. If you happen to visit their brewery in the west of the island you  a treated to a guided tour and of course best positioned to taste their range. Already served in a long list of Ibiza’s best known locations, you will soon be seeing Ibosim take on global export routes whilst upholding their original distinct character, never too big – just damn good beer!


Born in Ibiza Pypr is a liquid mood enhancer made from 100% natural ingredients and without added sugars. Pypr’s natural phyto-nutrients are reported to reduce stress, elevate creativity and enhance an overall good mood. Producing without preservatives and chemicals and a high ratio of antioxidants we see this as  natural way to stay healthy during your time in ibiza. Now stocked in leading entertainment venues from DC10 to KM5 and taking a lifestyle lead, it’s a perfect drink to accompany a sober night out or prepare for your preplanned summer activities.


Hierbas Ibicencas is a herbal liqueur legend made in Ibiza, incorporating different herbs and botanicals that grow across the island. Usually taken as a digestive after lunch or dinner it also translates to a favourite tipple in celebration, relaxation and everything in between! Made on the island for generations, every traditional family harvest their own ‘special’ recipe.

Can Rich Wines

Can Rich was established in 1997, planting 17 hectares of vines that comprised of both traditional and imported varieties. In 1999, the winery frontage was built, incorporating the latest production techniques before planting a further 4 hectares in 2007, and adding 3000 olive trees in their extraordinary setting of Ses Salines Natural Park. Championing an ecological production technique Can Rich have created a fusion of tradition and modern methods whilst pioneering the use of organic farming techniques. Aiming to ensure a firm understanding of viticulture they openly respect the natural environment which is reflected in the quality of their products range. Enabling them to transmit the extraordinary climate and growing conditions that Ibiza offers to each and every bottle they seal.

Law Gin

Law is an elegant and premium quality dry Gin. It is immediately evident the standards they produce from packaging to the refreshing notes of Law liquids enjoyed neat and also as the ideal cocktail accompaniment. Offering a clear, distinct aroma Law is inspired by the measured Mediterranean nature of the island. Their recipe combines the historic herbal notes of a traditional gin and appeal to classicists and casual drinkers alike. Incorporating hand-picked juniper, Ibiza spring water, green cardamom, coriander seeds, orris root, and even spanish cucumber, the combination is harmoniously balanced in botanics and takes on a new benchmark for typical products of the island.

Kombucha – Los Fermintistas

Kombucha is a traditional fermented drink traditionally made from black tea and sugars. It contains a high variety of vitamins, minerals and coenzymes remaining a prized potion in many cultures thanks to its multiple health-promoting properties. For us, this home styled recipe is the perfect balance of all of the best variants we have ever tried. We strongly suggest you take a selection on your island travels and continue to bounce with abundant energy and wellness as it supports your immune system tempered by the rising summer  heat.


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